Death, Existing & Other Joys Of Life

by Black Math

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Kai Kennedy
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Kai Kennedy This is some damn solid rock, with a little stoner, a little punk, and a lot of heart. I'm a fan of the DIY recording sound, and I find this album a joy to listen to, overall. Favorite track: Confusing Pool.
Will Tramm
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Will Tramm This album blew my mind and my speakers. If you're a fan of psychedelic stoner garage punk then this group is for you. Favorite track: Forwards Backwards.
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Recorded entirely DIY, Artwork and all. All tracks recorded as live takes, except for Vocal overdubs and a few guitar over dubs.


released December 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Black Math Durban, South Africa

Black Math is a three piece band from Durban, South Africa. The band consists of Tyla Burnett-Bass Guitar, Cameron Lofstrand- Guitar/Vocals and Acacia Van Wyk-Drums. Their sound is raw, unforgiving and will punch you in the face when you least expect it. They have developed their own unique sound that draws from genres like garage rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, punk and heavy metal. ... more

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Track Name: Why?
Why did you stare into your pupils, and sigh?
You'll see beyond the mere physical the ask, Why?
Then you'll concave
Slowly your matter will fade
Wasting your sweet time away
Counting the days.

Why must you ask about everything, again?
You will see that the answer has not yet changed
There's no point to you
Living is purely untrue
Tugging reality's veil
Already so frail.
Track Name: Confusing Pool
Way out you wade into
The dark and confusing pool
Don't let fools carve your way
Only swim where your tide sways.

Fuck all the supremacy
Feeding off complacency
Collapse is on its way
As one we can't be contained.
Track Name: Forwards Backwards
Now's your time
Please pass on through
There's no choice
It's come for you

Is no longer a thing
Feel Deaths peaceful grip on your skin

Nows your time, it's come for you
There's no choice, you must pass through
Oh dark lord try to be fair
Oh sweet love wait for me there
Wait for me..

Down and out you body lies
Forgotten graves fly past your eyes
Said the verse, the lines you drew
Enjoy your trip, go down won't you
Go down...

Reach back to your lifeless form
Physical but barely worn
Oh dark lord i'm sorry to
Leave this way i'll sure miss you
Wait for me...

Feel the blood
Pumping on through
But who's to say
That fate is truth

Your time has
Not come for you
There's no choice
Breath in damn you
Track Name: Tiny Minds
You think it's better left unsaid
All the shit that we did before
All thats leaking out is our regrets
But no now it must come out
And make you feel so insecure
Let wrap around your stubborn head

You cast the blame elsewhere
And its getting hard for me too, remember my own name again
Let it fill your tiny mind
Has history not shown you?
Oh wait, it's written to suit you, i find.
Track Name: Sunset
We wait, we wait, we wait, we sit we talk shit up on the hill
We wait, we ponder, we chew up the grass around where things are still

We watch the flaming ball descend behind the edge of the dirt
We wait, we wait, we sit, we speak and we spit and we spew out the hurt
Track Name: Sweet Dull Warmth
I cannot help it
It just takes over
Everything slipping
Everyday is slower
In the streets it crawls
And feeds off the hate
And pours into your
Safe sweet space and
Makes you feel
so flat and so grey

As it moves forward
It gets more awkward
And then it drenches
Those stuck brain trenches
In the minds it lurks
Separates, kills, blames and hurts
All those who are themselves
And makes them feel so week and scared

Now That you know more
You can now endure
The sweet freedom of
Not knowing for sure
Life takes over
And blankets me
Up in sweet dull warmth
And brings forth
Uncertainty when trying to understand